Friday, July 9, 2010

The Struggle Continues

There were for an article about the 11 dead rig workers.

Things are coming together here in NOLA around actions against BP, there's a lot of groups chalk full of active members. We're seeing more and more people coming in from out of town, that want to use their skills and experience to help take direct-action against corporate control and government negligence. This is cool as long as their here to help and not assume we need them to run the show. NOLA is our city.

The local anti-authoritarian group is making a newspaper dedicated to distributing info on the spill and the issues surrounding it, as well as the anarchist perspective on corporate occupation of the gulf and our community. It'll be called the Raging Pelican. There will be a wordpress version eventually here: There' nothing there yet so don't bother looking.

I've been helping out the mag by doing some spot illustrations.

This was for an article called "Lessons Learned," that surveyed the many insistences were BP has chosen to avoid taking responsibility for crisis' it has created.

Here's a video of a little 70 person protest/rowdy walking tour/water-balloon fight that was put together July 6th.

other than that, I drew my first explosion!

Oh tyrannicide, will you never not be edifying?

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