Saturday, June 20, 2009

looking ahead

finished this today. I don't usually write in verbal affectations, but I thought it would be fun with the little sister Keller. 
Since I'm not coloring these pages I can whip em out speedy and move on. It's a good feeling to get a mass of pages under me. 
Also, I've been trying to learn St. James infirmary on the harp. I suck at third position so I can't play the cool version of the song. One day I'll be slick at the mississippi Sax like a levy or Howlin' Wolf.  
It's been salad days for the last week, what with all my submissions sent out and the jaunt to the north coming up. These afternoons are filled with Whoopee parties and hops through the surf. So sweat. 

Thursday, June 18, 2009

as the world turns

Hey party people,

I sent more submittions packets out to Fantagraphics, Dark Horse, SLG, and Penny Farthing respectively. I've stopped packing them with my work though, and taken to sendiong them nude photos of my girlfriend. Atleast now I'm more likley to get a call back.

The big move from Georgia is happening on Sunday followed by the u-haul trek through Virginia and on to Massachusetts and the Great White North.

Not a lot of diving happening these days. The summer turns all the dumpsters into ovens and bakes evrything before I get to it. This means I've got to get up and out earlier, which is it's own war I can tell you. No, the closest thing I've done to dumpstering is rip the library off for a mouse pad and some fonts.

well as always there's new posts on the Tug Benson site, though these days the new pages won't be in color. This might piss some people off, but until I'm settled down again I can't do colors.

Anyway Kate's cooing over rescued Bengal cats and I've got to work defense before we're over run my an army of limping 3 foot miniture tigers.

Stay clear.

Monday, June 15, 2009

Tom and Jeremy

Yesterday was riddled with death. In the morning we heard that a good guy we knew shot himself and then, as I was processing it in the way that you does, I learned that a great professor, Jeremy Mullins  had fallen off a cliff to his death. Terrible.
Can't say much more about it really, only that when friends died before I used to think about all the things I'd do so that I'd feel settled when I die. But you can't cheat death, it comes rudely when you least expect it.
Tom and Jeremy were good men.