Wednesday, June 25, 2008

New Recruits

This year 18% of all recruitments into the Army are conviced felons(pedophiles, terrorists, ect.)and rising due to waining regular recruitments.

American Made

we've redeployed an average of 8,000 troops with untreated PTSD back into military action.

War in Basra

This is the colored version of War in Basra

I happen to hate New York

Ever see A Murder in Manhattan? Woody Allen, very shlepy, it's about a muder in Manhattan if you can believe it. My only hold my only appreciation for that town. The whole town is like a 3D QVC commercial.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Obama: Your black pass card.

As a black man and someone who is generally more leftist than not I think it's important for me to take Obama to task. White guilt seems to get in the way of holding him accountable, I think most of his voters want him to be the answer to our woes so bad their willing to ignore quite a bit. He makes me nervous to say the least. Anyway I'd thought I'd post this.

It's no small thing that Obama is courting the Isreal lobby as soon as he won the candidacy. This is really concerning in the face of all his talk about changing politics as usual and then going of the court AIPAC. sigh*