Monday, November 26, 2012


So as you know I'm going on a book reading tour with two other crazy folks (raging sci-fi luminary Elwin Cotman and somber poet of mystery Luka Miro) and my flashy full-color first is of DAYGLOAYHOLE!!! I sold enough hot car stereos to pay for printing but I could use some cash to help with travel. The team of rabid nutria aren't going to feed themselves, well I guess I should say that they'll eat me if I don't shove pork sausage down their throats every half-hour (INNUENDO!!!). So I'm spanging the internetz! If you can spare some extra cash and love me deeply our just want some hot-ass premiums for donating (listen to me sounding all technical, there goes that very last thread of punknezz!) holler at our kickstarter!
Also, you should let me know if you wanna a copy of DAYGLOAYHOLE Issuer one: IT'S ALL OVER!

Friday, November 9, 2012

fantastic DAYGLOAYHOLE fan-art by Erin Wilson
This is going to a place of prominence in the first DAYGLOAYHOLE book Dec. 9th.
You too could be in the comic as well if you send me fan-art comics, illustrations, or fiction by Nov. 15th to

So on some realness, I don't post here much anymore. There's no big reason besides that all my friends are doing it and like a bridge or a cliff I must tumble on after those few sacred relations. "Sacred relations" is what I'm calling sex from now on, I've just decided. The good news is that, if you so desire, you can follow me into this new endeavor. 

So I hope this wasn't rough on you, changes in relationships are always hard or at least that's what my therapist says. To my machine. Every week. We she's asking for the money I owe. To the Snake King.