Thursday, October 25, 2012

In the past writer’s of  comics have have deemed pet names to there fans large and small. Many times I’ve considered what to call the readers of DAYGLOAYHOLE. Often I lead my messages with” folks” or “friends,” and while this type of familiar language would be the linguistic equivalent to rimming in the lexicon of Western Massachusetts residents (my homeland), it fails to convey my specific affection for the sacred ones patient enough to read my florescent scrawlings. I think we all play the “what do you call a group of ______?”  game. A group of bikers is a peliton. A gaggle a, group of geese not in flight. A murder is a group of flying crows (also what I use to refer to a group of cops, in flight or just waddling around.). 
Stan Lee referred to the fans of Marvels once sinking crew of titles as “true-believers” and it’s sort of a near perfect term. “True-believers” expresses almost in total a cartoonists feelings toward the people that read their work and enjoy it. Like many things made by Stan Lee, Alt. types making snarky indie comics have used his term of endearment ironically ,and as a man resting well in the pocket of the snarky, alienated, disingenuous comic stereotype, I have often been tempted to call you “true-believers.” The phrase is over used though, just like everything Stan “The Man” Lee has done. Can he just stop being in movie cameos, I just expect it now. In 20 years I bet we’ll see his dead body being puppet by string waving to the camera and throwing thumbs up to Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, or (please oh please) the team of black hate that is Venom and Ghost rider.  
So now I’m left to think of something original, which is a mine field for me. Since “AHOLE” is in the title my first thoughts for group names are all rectal. I’m googling for what a group of assholes is, I assume it’s another word to be used for cops. So I guess I’m looking for suggestions, and until I figure out something that matches my level of affection I will continue refer to ya’ll as friends. 
This whole caffeine fueled diatribe was originally supposed to be a short blurb about two things. The first this is about DAYGLOAYHOLE fan art. If you wanna be put up on the ol DAYGLO tumblr while I’m working in Austin, TX (Oct.29 to Nov. 7th) it’d be great if you could send me what you got as a JPG by 27th to So far I’ve gotten some amazing stuff and I’m totes stoked to share it with ya’ll. Comics, and other art will go in the first DAYGLOAYHOLE book coming out December 9th.  If you can’t make the 27th I’ll still post any fan art and put it in the book if you send it before Nov. 15th. 
The second thing is that I’m booking a southern area book tour!!! With me will be sci-fi writer Elwin Cotman and poet Luka Miro. We’re still figuring out the dates, but we have a pretty good list of the cities we want to go to. New Orleans (duh) (Event date is TBA)
Lafayette, LA (Dec. 9th)
Baton Rouge, LA
Houston, TX 
Memphis, TN (TBA)
Nashville, TN
Jackson, TN
Pensacola, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Savannah, GA (TBA)
Atlanta, GA
Athens,GA (TBA)
Charleston, SC
Ashville,NC(Dec. 20th)
Boone,NC (Dec. 18th)
Chapel Hill,NC (Dec. 18th)
If we’re passing through your town and you wanna help us set-up a space to read at, that would be AMAZING!