Monday, November 21, 2011

Walking after mid-nite

I'm in the chilly Berkshires again for my annual "this is why I live in the south" tour. Someone pointed out that most artists are crap blog writers, so I promise to up my game a bit. Failing that I promise to continue to keep it brief.

I got a review in a punk magazine recently that described DAYGLOAYHOLE as full of "bone-head violence." This was said several words after the critic compared me to Brian Lee O'Malley, which was confusing enough, but was a punk magazine critical of mindless violence? I don't think I understand punk rock anymore, aren't we supposed to be into smashing junk? It may be time for me to readdress my identity as a waning bitter scenester on the fringes of post-punk tomfoolery. Pardon me while I burn a kennel full of doe-eyed fawns in contemplation.

ANYHIZZLE, you'll be hearing more of me as I have nothing to do but scrawl in a dusky corner and update the blarg. Above is a penciled page from the Mid-Nite Hours mini-series.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Daddy's Rich

Ben spent a helping of his fest cash on a brand-new tenor banjo, because as it turns out I'd rather have a collection of silly instruments than teeth or a physical. It was nice walking around with a roll of cash for a little while, and by nice I mean terrifying. I think I blew it just to get the target off my back. Anyway, here's another page from the as yet unnamed comic Rory and I are calling Summertime.

livins easy

Just finished working at Fun Fun Fun Fest. I know right? My buddies Nick and Shawn (I think that's how she spells it...) hooked me up with the gig. I spent almost a week in cloud city, sipping red bull and eating free meat. Needless to say I'm in recovery. Jay has me on strict diet of cool blue grass and hot sarcasm. I'm way behind on all my projects, but never fear, I will be hammering out comixness in a couple days when I get up to Western Mass.