Saturday, January 28, 2012


Well my hard drive dead and took a lot of work with it. Here's something obvious, back up your back ups! So if I can swing it I'll get the data through a retrieval service. The universe does not want this book done, maybe it's a sign I should have been a juggler.....Well, hopefully I'll have good news soon.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

lil louie

yooooooo. Don't know if I posted this in full. It's a short I did for Rory McConville waaaaay back. It's missing it's lettering but the gist is this; the little guy Louie looses his wife to something and has to borrow money to bury her right. The big guy loans Louie the cash but when Louie can't pay the big troglodyte says he'll dig the body up. Fortunately Louie out smarts him. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

another quick shout out, this one is not Ben comics related. I put a sort barebones album of my music up on Bandcamp. So....Let's meet back here in a couple days, deal?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tugging along

I'm barreling down on the end of chapter 10 of Tug. Between my second cup of Joe and an obligatory round of target practice with my spanking new BB gun I wanted to remind you of my existence.

Moar to come soon!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

roar and comix

Hennesy Youngman is single-handedly ruining my afternoon with his hilarity, but I wanted to throw our a quick update on Midnight Hours. I asked my good friend and comrade Erin Wilson if she'd take time from her new wonderful book Snowbird to color for us. So here's a preview page, I'm not supposed to leak these but let's just keep this between you and me....internet.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's all over

Not much to say this afternoon. I thought that it would be appropriate to start 2012, this year of the dragon, this year of apocalypse with a DAYGLOAYHOLE post. We all know it's coming and we may as well read comics and obsess about out heavy metal style end.

I've been playing with the illy portable water color set my girlfriend Kate gave me. There's a copy of some of Jean Giraud's comics rotting on my shelf and once and a while I pull it down and marvel at the crazy good coloring this guy pumped out. It might be nice, if I can muster the courage, to color the first official comic of DAYGLOAYHOLE in watercolor. We'll see....

I found this very nice review of DAYGLOAYHOLE: Movin on Up! by the folks at slingshot (Samara I think).

"When a porning oogle spills beer on his laptop, the computer morphs into an evil overlord that blows up half the world and enslaves most survivors. Out from the rubble marches a lone hero by the name of No Limitz: a katana-totting gutterpunk with a badass dog and his name tattooed to his forehead. No Limitz doesn't give a shit about saving the world--just about filling his belly--and perhaps it is his very lack of ideology that makes him immune to the evil computer's powers of enslavement. As No Limitz wanders the disseminated landscape in search of grub, he is forced to fight his way through roving bands of bloodthirsty cops, mutant scarbo 'rough bears, and various minions of the digital overlord. Created by the illustrator of the Raging Pelican, every page of this comic is statured with traveler jokes and hilarious details, inviting the reader to slow down and take it all in. I laughed my ass off at least five times while reading the fifteen pages--and I rarely laugh when I read. If you liked Brandon Graham's Multiple Warheads, you'll royally dig DAYGLOAYHOLE. (samara)"

Maybe I should put porning oogle on my bio from now on....

until next time folks remember, we're all going just pray it's not a lazer eyed polar bear.