Monday, December 10, 2012

Tour Dates

Hey folks, just wanna holler at ya'll about my book tour.

Hey ya’ll I’m a super space cadet (fuck that, I’d never join the army. It’s the flat feet you see.), and I only now realized that I needed to update the tour dates and announce some stuff. So the buggy is that I’m not gonna be able to roll through Texas (Austin and Houston specifically), I tried I really did. The problem is my waining punk street cred and the hard fact that comics don’t seem much like a crowd draw. I guess I can’t argue with that.
Atlanta was also a bust, but it’s not for lack of leaving my year’s quota of awkward phone messages.
Here is the final, 100% non-changing tour schedule. If I end up having an impromptu show or something I’ll post it on here, but between The Hobbit (don’t you dare judge me.) and finding all those pralines I buried in Savannah’s numerous parks, it seems sorta unlikely.
Dec.12th-New Orleans,LA@7:30pmFairgrinds (yo this’ll be Luka and my book release, and we’ll have a bunch over other authors and a space bag, so come!)
Dec.14th-Pensacola,FL@7pm Open Books (we’re gonna hang at the Food Not Bombs and hour before up the road and you should too!)
Dec.15th-Athens,GA@6pmFlicker theatre
Dec.17th-Savannah,GA@8pm The Sentient Bean (This is my old hometown, I may crawl into a bottle and stay there.)
Dec18th-Chapel Hill,NC@7pm Internationalist Books
Dec19-Boone,NC (the dang town all day, new kid din this is the only date I’m sketchy on and )
Dec 20th-Asheville,NC@7:30 Firestorm Cafe and Books 
Dec21st-Memphis, TN@Java Cabana
okay, you guys are awesome, especially Alien-e for reminding me.

Monday, November 26, 2012


So as you know I'm going on a book reading tour with two other crazy folks (raging sci-fi luminary Elwin Cotman and somber poet of mystery Luka Miro) and my flashy full-color first is of DAYGLOAYHOLE!!! I sold enough hot car stereos to pay for printing but I could use some cash to help with travel. The team of rabid nutria aren't going to feed themselves, well I guess I should say that they'll eat me if I don't shove pork sausage down their throats every half-hour (INNUENDO!!!). So I'm spanging the internetz! If you can spare some extra cash and love me deeply our just want some hot-ass premiums for donating (listen to me sounding all technical, there goes that very last thread of punknezz!) holler at our kickstarter!
Also, you should let me know if you wanna a copy of DAYGLOAYHOLE Issuer one: IT'S ALL OVER!

Friday, November 9, 2012

fantastic DAYGLOAYHOLE fan-art by Erin Wilson
This is going to a place of prominence in the first DAYGLOAYHOLE book Dec. 9th.
You too could be in the comic as well if you send me fan-art comics, illustrations, or fiction by Nov. 15th to

So on some realness, I don't post here much anymore. There's no big reason besides that all my friends are doing it and like a bridge or a cliff I must tumble on after those few sacred relations. "Sacred relations" is what I'm calling sex from now on, I've just decided. The good news is that, if you so desire, you can follow me into this new endeavor. 

So I hope this wasn't rough on you, changes in relationships are always hard or at least that's what my therapist says. To my machine. Every week. We she's asking for the money I owe. To the Snake King.  

Thursday, October 25, 2012

In the past writer’s of  comics have have deemed pet names to there fans large and small. Many times I’ve considered what to call the readers of DAYGLOAYHOLE. Often I lead my messages with” folks” or “friends,” and while this type of familiar language would be the linguistic equivalent to rimming in the lexicon of Western Massachusetts residents (my homeland), it fails to convey my specific affection for the sacred ones patient enough to read my florescent scrawlings. I think we all play the “what do you call a group of ______?”  game. A group of bikers is a peliton. A gaggle a, group of geese not in flight. A murder is a group of flying crows (also what I use to refer to a group of cops, in flight or just waddling around.). 
Stan Lee referred to the fans of Marvels once sinking crew of titles as “true-believers” and it’s sort of a near perfect term. “True-believers” expresses almost in total a cartoonists feelings toward the people that read their work and enjoy it. Like many things made by Stan Lee, Alt. types making snarky indie comics have used his term of endearment ironically ,and as a man resting well in the pocket of the snarky, alienated, disingenuous comic stereotype, I have often been tempted to call you “true-believers.” The phrase is over used though, just like everything Stan “The Man” Lee has done. Can he just stop being in movie cameos, I just expect it now. In 20 years I bet we’ll see his dead body being puppet by string waving to the camera and throwing thumbs up to Spiderman, The Fantastic Four, or (please oh please) the team of black hate that is Venom and Ghost rider.  
So now I’m left to think of something original, which is a mine field for me. Since “AHOLE” is in the title my first thoughts for group names are all rectal. I’m googling for what a group of assholes is, I assume it’s another word to be used for cops. So I guess I’m looking for suggestions, and until I figure out something that matches my level of affection I will continue refer to ya’ll as friends. 
This whole caffeine fueled diatribe was originally supposed to be a short blurb about two things. The first this is about DAYGLOAYHOLE fan art. If you wanna be put up on the ol DAYGLO tumblr while I’m working in Austin, TX (Oct.29 to Nov. 7th) it’d be great if you could send me what you got as a JPG by 27th to So far I’ve gotten some amazing stuff and I’m totes stoked to share it with ya’ll. Comics, and other art will go in the first DAYGLOAYHOLE book coming out December 9th.  If you can’t make the 27th I’ll still post any fan art and put it in the book if you send it before Nov. 15th. 
The second thing is that I’m booking a southern area book tour!!! With me will be sci-fi writer Elwin Cotman and poet Luka Miro. We’re still figuring out the dates, but we have a pretty good list of the cities we want to go to. New Orleans (duh) (Event date is TBA)
Lafayette, LA (Dec. 9th)
Baton Rouge, LA
Houston, TX 
Memphis, TN (TBA)
Nashville, TN
Jackson, TN
Pensacola, FL
Jacksonville, FL
Savannah, GA (TBA)
Atlanta, GA
Athens,GA (TBA)
Charleston, SC
Ashville,NC(Dec. 20th)
Boone,NC (Dec. 18th)
Chapel Hill,NC (Dec. 18th)
If we’re passing through your town and you wanna help us set-up a space to read at, that would be AMAZING!

Friday, August 31, 2012


more on this later.
I post lots of comic at
so if you feel like you don't get enough of me, look not father than there.


shhh, sneak peek at some comix. Written by Sam Maiden and drawn by me.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wot Ah Scream

hey folks, here's a new DAYGLOAYHOLE comic!
Don't forget that you can always see some new DAYGLOhotness at it's tumblr.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey all,

I got to do some illustrations for the latest issue of Antigravity that went along with a fantastic article by the awesome Jules Bentley about this wrestler from the 80's called Junk Yard Dog.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Erroar Errors

My studio mate Erin likes a particular hard candy....which is not as dirty as it sounds. Anyway, she does a baller comic called Snowbird! Check it out! Also you can read all sorts of DAYGLOAYHOLE comics on it's tumblr.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hey folks

I've been working a lot on some Girl With A Black Hole For A Brain comics, which is going well. Here's a couple more pages from that series. I think we haven't found a letterer for this yet so if anyone is a mad decent letterer holler at me. I'm generally looking for reliable, talented folks to the thankless job of making a toon legible. It's sort of like being the bass player in a rock band, no one in the crowd really notices you but they would miss you if you were gone.

As with any new toy I've been posting a bit more on my DAYGLOAYHOLE tumblr and on Newgrounds. That's right I'm a grown man with a new grounds account, most I play flash pool, put Django Reinhardt on, and image what being bohemian and outside would be like.

Ah well, anyway...I should have a couple cool announcements soon.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This is a one pager for Feast, a comics anthology printed here in New Orleans. Caesar (the editor and cartoonist himself) is trying to raise funds for this coming issue and so that NOLA's one and only comics anthology for the people can go on for many more issues.

For moar DAYGLOAYHOLE hollar at it's tumblr

Friday, May 4, 2012

I've been sort of drag-assy lately, mostly due to the crazy heat blasting over the city. To help kick-start my mornings my wonderful studio mate Erin Wilson suggested I do warm ups. So I started doin some fan art, an uncharacteristic move for this self involved artist.

conan da barbarian 
Bats hobo cookin a rat, some tough times for our dark night. 

I'll post em as I do them, hope ya'll digz!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'll be at crescent city comics in New Orleans on Saturday night doing some live drawing of blasted, rough looking super heroes in hells capes. SO THAT'LL BE FUCKIN THA TITZ!
Also I'll be selling some reprints of DAYGLOAYHOLE issue one.
Pretty soon some drawings I did of chicken headed scumbags holding exploding garbage cans will be up for auction for Feastmagazine. So I'll let ya'll knows about that.
I'm gonna try record some new songs soon if I can get my act together, until then you can download some tracks on my NG profile or at bandcamp page for free. There are a couple covers and one song on the bandcamp that I didn't upload here.
uuuuuuuum, that's it! No moar shameless self-promo for now. BUT FUGGIN BEWARE! I will return. Mostly to play games and watch egoraptor, but back nonetheless.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm back on this Midnight Hours horse again. Erin Wilson's colors look great don't they!?
The DAYGLOAYHOLE tumblr is all set-up now, and I'll have some brand new comics up there soon! So check that junk out!

Okay that's all for now.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


hey all, just wanted to let you know that I made a DAYGLOAYHOLE blog, which'll feature mostly comics and some news and illustrations from that fun series that I don when I should be working.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Apocalypse is a lonely Place

Hey family

It's been a while so I won't blather like a nut for your forgiveness. We all know that after so many apologies the words become meaningless...


This one is done for a lit anthology called Moonshot that this great lady named Tia does. You can see eariler issues on the site. Check out the comics by my buddy Paul Tunis on there.

Friday, March 23, 2012


When I heard that Moebius had pasted I was working hauling rank garbage for 22hr and did not have the faculties to totally process how felt about it. Is it callous and inappropriate to say I thought the dude was already dead? In my defense I'm not the fanboy I should be, I rarely research the lives of some of my life time favorites. Or is it a simple mistake that a bitter hipster such as I, who only venerates the dead, would assume a hero in my person pantheon does not walk among us. Well I guess he doesn't anymore, and we have lost a unparalleled magician. Along with impossible knockers, Ghost in the Shell, Star Wars, Moebius drew me to Sci-Fi and I kept coming back. So few contain a mind for image and story like him, I rip him off daily and would be much less the scrawler I am if it weren't for him.

This blog Monster Brainshas been posting lots of examples of his awesomeness. I suggest we all take time out of our day to fly around in our own impossible ships, deny time and distance, and melt a beast like candle wax.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hey folks, sorry for the long MIA status. Here's a sample page of Girl with a Black Hole for a Brain.
moar to come.

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Well my hard drive dead and took a lot of work with it. Here's something obvious, back up your back ups! So if I can swing it I'll get the data through a retrieval service. The universe does not want this book done, maybe it's a sign I should have been a juggler.....Well, hopefully I'll have good news soon.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

lil louie

yooooooo. Don't know if I posted this in full. It's a short I did for Rory McConville waaaaay back. It's missing it's lettering but the gist is this; the little guy Louie looses his wife to something and has to borrow money to bury her right. The big guy loans Louie the cash but when Louie can't pay the big troglodyte says he'll dig the body up. Fortunately Louie out smarts him. Enjoy!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

another quick shout out, this one is not Ben comics related. I put a sort barebones album of my music up on Bandcamp. So....Let's meet back here in a couple days, deal?

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tugging along

I'm barreling down on the end of chapter 10 of Tug. Between my second cup of Joe and an obligatory round of target practice with my spanking new BB gun I wanted to remind you of my existence.

Moar to come soon!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

roar and comix

Hennesy Youngman is single-handedly ruining my afternoon with his hilarity, but I wanted to throw our a quick update on Midnight Hours. I asked my good friend and comrade Erin Wilson if she'd take time from her new wonderful book Snowbird to color for us. So here's a preview page, I'm not supposed to leak these but let's just keep this between you and me....internet.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

It's all over

Not much to say this afternoon. I thought that it would be appropriate to start 2012, this year of the dragon, this year of apocalypse with a DAYGLOAYHOLE post. We all know it's coming and we may as well read comics and obsess about out heavy metal style end.

I've been playing with the illy portable water color set my girlfriend Kate gave me. There's a copy of some of Jean Giraud's comics rotting on my shelf and once and a while I pull it down and marvel at the crazy good coloring this guy pumped out. It might be nice, if I can muster the courage, to color the first official comic of DAYGLOAYHOLE in watercolor. We'll see....

I found this very nice review of DAYGLOAYHOLE: Movin on Up! by the folks at slingshot (Samara I think).

"When a porning oogle spills beer on his laptop, the computer morphs into an evil overlord that blows up half the world and enslaves most survivors. Out from the rubble marches a lone hero by the name of No Limitz: a katana-totting gutterpunk with a badass dog and his name tattooed to his forehead. No Limitz doesn't give a shit about saving the world--just about filling his belly--and perhaps it is his very lack of ideology that makes him immune to the evil computer's powers of enslavement. As No Limitz wanders the disseminated landscape in search of grub, he is forced to fight his way through roving bands of bloodthirsty cops, mutant scarbo 'rough bears, and various minions of the digital overlord. Created by the illustrator of the Raging Pelican, every page of this comic is statured with traveler jokes and hilarious details, inviting the reader to slow down and take it all in. I laughed my ass off at least five times while reading the fifteen pages--and I rarely laugh when I read. If you liked Brandon Graham's Multiple Warheads, you'll royally dig DAYGLOAYHOLE. (samara)"

Maybe I should put porning oogle on my bio from now on....

until next time folks remember, we're all going just pray it's not a lazer eyed polar bear.