Thursday, May 3, 2012

I'll be at crescent city comics in New Orleans on Saturday night doing some live drawing of blasted, rough looking super heroes in hells capes. SO THAT'LL BE FUCKIN THA TITZ!
Also I'll be selling some reprints of DAYGLOAYHOLE issue one.
Pretty soon some drawings I did of chicken headed scumbags holding exploding garbage cans will be up for auction for Feastmagazine. So I'll let ya'll knows about that.
I'm gonna try record some new songs soon if I can get my act together, until then you can download some tracks on my NG profile or at bandcamp page for free. There are a couple covers and one song on the bandcamp that I didn't upload here.
uuuuuuuum, that's it! No moar shameless self-promo for now. BUT FUGGIN BEWARE! I will return. Mostly to play games and watch egoraptor, but back nonetheless.

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