Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Berk

After two long car rides I'm in Mass for a couple days to see mom and wander around my hometown for a day or two.
Mom's let a lot of the indigenous flora grow up on her property so it's covered in sunflowers, wild carrot, raspberries, Strawberries, thistles, and heaps of plenty other forgeable plants. It looks like a wild fairy land, an I don't use that phrase lightly.

Fairies are no joke.

I remembered that she had a stone dulcimer that Nana had given her and she wanted Kate and us to have it, so I might add it to our ever expanding pile of noise makers that we can't really play well. God help us when we move again.
If I can get a ride up to Stockbridge, a rural town of Rockwell fame, I'm going to sneak around my old reform school campus. It's bee abandoned and torn up, but as some of you know my next book is set there so I have to snap lots of pictures before they tear it all down.
Chapter 5 of Tug Benson is really stumping me. It's going to feature Willy Pickens, the busker from chapter one and a new character (yes another one, my writing teacher is cursing my name somewhere.) that was introduced a little in chapter four. Most of the book has been a downer and at chapter 5 it starts to pick-up when this new character starts to monkey wrench Whitworth and Gompers. I want it to really look and feel different from the first five chapters.
I'll post some sketches in a bit, as I've committed myself to doing lot's of mock-ups of the chapter until I'm satisfied.

until then ride free!

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Kate Hanrahan said...

oh, that pretty little dulcimer<3