Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Girls girls girls

You may of may not know that I've had a pretty hard time creating passable drawings of women. Make all the jokes you want about cartoonists never seeing a naked woman in real life, but this was really crimping my ability. Then when I was biking I decided on two things: read the bible I had picked up in a anarchist bookstore in Olympia (ironic?) and only draw women. After reading all of the books Moses cranked out I was pretty cashed out on bible talk. I can only stomach so much talk about drape colors and proper goat sacrifice. There are some pretty engaging parts of the Bible, Leviticus is not one of them (apologies to mom.)
ANYWAY! I did succeed in turning out some female figure work I wasn't embarrassed to show people. And the struggle continues unabated.
Last night I did some color scheme practice trying different types of split complementariness on scanned notebook paper.

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Anonymous said...

hahaha, there is something ironic about drawing sexy train hoppers