Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I've just been reading Cecil and Jordan in New York Stories by Gabrielle Bell. Her stories just make my mind explode. They're so quiet and painful, and beautiful.

I'm now officially a regular at the fuel coffee. I was dubbed so yesterday when the teenage barista greeted me with my order (before I asked!) and a wink that lets me know that my daily habit of ordering a 2 dollar thing and holing up in the corner of their store all day is A OK! As you all may know I'm rancidly (not a word) insecure, so I spent the next couple hours wondering if I'm that creepy, musty smelling guy you see at every coffee shop, screen pointing away from view, rapping and clicking away with chipped coffee stained nails, and swearing about socialism. You know, that guy.

Here's a couple more Girl With A Black-Hole For A Brain pages. I realized that I never really read cartoonists blogs that have pieces of their work, I much more prefer to see some completed pages and usually pass over the various sketches and wot not. The exception is Gabby Shultz, Joseph Lampert , and Sam Bosma, because everything they do it gold! There That's my weak attempt to make friends with them, flattery on the internet. Thus I conclude my scatter shot submission this week!

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