Thursday, December 1, 2011

It's been a couple weeks since I landed here on the far reaches of Western Massachusetts-ia, home of maple candy, shoe buckles, the eye-roll, and vague compliments. All things considered (also invented in Mass...that's right, NPR reference.) things are goin well, I have plenty of time to work what without NOLA's rolling black outs, biblical storms/environmental calamities, and dwarf directed cobra battles (you didn't know about those?). The thing is though I haven't seen anyone my age in weeks, there are teenagers and there are middle-aged and elderly folks exclusively. When I can get a hold of mom's twig and jesus clad wagon I spend my afternoon's making references that no one gets because I am a generation apart from EVERYONE!

So I stay in my tower diligently scrawling toons and writing songs, my only respite from the dull hallow Berkshires. More comix soon, Here's an interview incase you didn't catch it(LOVE ME!!!), and don't forget you can holler at a copy of NOBODIES, which is an ill anthology with some DAYGLOAYHOLE(in color:0) as well as several other great comics by amazing artists.

Okay okay, that's enough from me.
Oh wait, one more thing.

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