Friday, December 4, 2009

Sunlight? What is this sunlight you speak of? Crazy....

I've been spending hour upon hour, and days upon days scouring the inter-webs for random gigs. So far I've scored an album cover, gallery showings in LA and NYC, and a feature on a culture blog coming up. All of this is fun, and exciting and took a hundred e-mails (not exaggerating.) and before mentioned hours and days. My back is sore, I've lost what was left of my night vision, my girlfriend has lost all memory of the touch of a man, and I'm still pretty well broke! The good news is that I eat trash and I still have a virgin ass.
Moving on! While I was trolling through craig's list I found a site called Afropunk, which is a social networking site for, you couldn't have guessed it, black punks. Who knew so many existed as to render a networking site? Obviously I joined immediately. That led me to a guy named Kaos Blac, who writes an extensive art/music blog using his name-sake.
The first of the two shows that my work'll be in is at Webster Hall in NYC on Dec. 18th. The Second is at the Catalyst Artist Collective in Los Angeles.
So if your like me and you spend hours on the inter-webs looking for messily crap side work take heart, you're bound to find something. But, you're probably going to come out hunched, squinty, and pale.

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Benjamin Carl Stanley (a blog) said...


Props on the NYC & LA gigs, not to mention the interview. Glad to see your keepin the dream alive old friend.
Take care in NO and hope to see you soon.

(glad my bike portrait made the cut for the interview!)


Dr Stanley