Thursday, December 10, 2009

For moms

My moms b-day was during Thanksgiving/ National Day of Mourning, so I made her a bike poster. She's a pretty avid rider in her own way, and got me riding when I was young and round.

Also, as I said before I've been trying to swing freelance since I got to NOLA. On gig is ecards. Here's a couple rejects.

I know I know, the pinnacle of revolutionary iconography, these'll go right next to the Che' head and red fist.

That's it really, I'm just trying to post more often so folks are up to date on the Ben front. So there consider yourself updated.

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Karin Passmore said...

Hi Ben,
I love my poster! Thanks for all the sensitivity to detail, humour, and for showing me in my black tutu. I didn't know Thanksgiving is a mourning day for some. Though it was my 53rd, and I could be mourning! I am more at peace than ever. The Lord has turned my sorrow into joy; more than once!
Love, Mom (aka: Joy)