Sunday, December 13, 2009

....stuff like and you know....

Hey folks

I just started re-reading all my trades of BPRD and Hellboy to get myself re-into the wonderful heroin high that is comix. I haven't done a new Tug page in almost a month, what with moving and now with freelancing sucking up all my energy. BUT NO LONGER! I'm going to kick this freelance crap to the curb and re-engage!...kind of. I'm still trying to get side jobs. I found a pulp novel start up that's looking for cover artists. So I've been drawing hardened looking gents and sexy legs.
Here's a sketch I did and then when over with a sharpie

Sorry I still don't have a scanner, I had to shoot this with photobooth.

Here's a whaler:

Okay that's all for now.


Karin Passmore said...

Hi Ben, I love that whale, and Taber too. Very Herman Melville.

Unknown said...

whales is awesome and so is this picture