Friday, September 16, 2011

The Girl With A Black Hole For A Brain.

Long title for a short four part mini-series I'm working on with writer Rory McConville. I thought I'd post a few pages from issue one. Obviously they're not lettered yet, I think we're looking for a snazzy letter. PS, I'm usually looking for a snazzy letter. I like to letter my personal projects, my crappy lettering usually works for DAYGLOAYHOLE but lacks the proper polish for something like this or the Mid-Nite hours. Speaking of the Mid-Nite Hours, I'll be posting a little preview of that as part of my new effort to post almost everyday if not everyday. Hopefully this effort won't devolve into a ramblethon about the crack down on bandit signs in the gentrified neighborhoods or such some business.

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Anonymous said...

Ben! Your stuff has gotten better since I saw you last year-man! Very nice storytelling, and good colors too!