Monday, January 17, 2011

So I managed to slam my hand into a hard metal refrigerator and cave one of knuckles into itself. In my defense he was crowding my king cake. Now my pinky and ring finger get sore after I've inked for a while. Shortly after my fight with our old fridge I noticed two weird tusk things growing in my mouth. God may have seen how I handed Ol Cooley the Fridge and deemed me fit to wield the power of the mighty elephant, or I have some a serious medical problem. It made me realize how much I enjoy my body being in working order, as opposed to now, which is jankier (is that how that's spelled.) by the day.

Anyway, I've been doing some stuff for T-shirts. I like doing art for them but I'm not totally stoked on the silk screening. It's not that I hate the process of burning screens and inking blank shirts, I love all this. I don't have the cash to get the gear to do at home and I'm not really handy enough to make a DIY shop for myself. So I go to the community print shop and get into these really embarrassing situations. The first time I was there this woman with spider web tattoos covering her face almost made me cry when I stole her screen by mistake. Sorry Train-track Princess. So I was pretty happy when this T-shirt company offered to pay me to do art for them. They do the printing and they pay me per piece. Thank you capitalism...

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