Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beat Speak Definitions

Now that my time in the Dirty is dwindling I thought it would be key to write preserve the multifaceted cluster fuck of bluesy inspired verbal deluge that is beat speak. The origins of beat speak are murky. I've heard it said that it began when Ginsberg found Kerouac mumbling to himself face down drunk on charley Patton's grave (the real one in mexico.). Ginsberg wrote it down while in a whiskey and ether fit, but lost the paper somewhere on his way to Pomona. It only re-emerged later in 2006 in Savannah. It's rules seem in fathomable and many outsiders confuse it for Australian. 

Daily Definitions:

Hitch:(Noun) Your steady bike, or the bike that you go to battle on. 
example: Sweet hitch boss-man, looks ripe for chazzer killing. 
Note: a beater bike is never called a hitch. If a man calls your beater bike a hitch, he's making fun of your shitty ride.

Beater or beater-biker: (Noun) A bike that is poorly made, poorly maintained, or made up of junk parts.
example: I just threw beater together out of odds, ends, and chicken wire.
Note: Beaters are best used only as a last resort to jettison a bad scene, no self-respecting rider cuts on a beater.

Walking the dog: (Phrase) A term used for when a man dates an unattractive woman.
Example: I had to walk the dog last summer to break my love drought.

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